Consultancy Opportunity at Children in Crossfire

Consultancy Opportunity at Children in Crossfire



Baseline Study and Programme Design for a new market systems oriented programme to support private provision of ECD/E Daycare in low income high density areas of Dar es Salaam

Children in Crossfire is an Irish-based international NGO whose purpose is to respond to the rights and needs of young children caught in the crossfire of global poverty and injustice. In Tanzania, Children in Crossfire focuses on increasing access to quality Early Childhood Development (ECD) supporting children’s developmental needs and giving them a chance to reach their fullest potential.

Children in Crossfire (in Tanzania) currently implements ECD programmes with a particular focus on early learning. We are piloting a new programme to support improved quality and equitable access to ECD/E daycare in high-density low income areas of Dar es Salaam City (Dar). The private market for ECD/E daycare in Dar is thriving especially in the informal economy. Children in Crossfire is looking to develop the outline of a potential social franchise model that supports these ECD/E daycare centres to improve the quality of early learning provision, support more sustainable profitable business models, and meet minimum regulatory requirements.

We are looking for a consultant team that brings together experience and expertise for a consultancy to design and conduct a baseline assessment as part of a repeated cross sectional study to analyse changes to target populations over time, and to facilitate the programme design using a market systems development approach to support quality and equitable access to private ECD/E daycare provision in low income Dar.


A proposal should be submitted by email to Children in Crossfire at: [email protected] with the subject line: “Proposal – Dar Urban ECD Programme”. A short cover letter should indicate the candidate’s availability to undertake the assignment within the proposed timescale. Only those candidates selected for interview will be contacted.

The closing time for receipts of applications is midnight Tuesday 19 April 2022, local time in Tanzania.

Dr.Galus Tarimo
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