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TPB Bank PLC is a Bank that provides competitive financial services to our customers and creates value for our stakeholders through innovative products.

TPB Bank PLC is a Bank, whose vision is “to be the leading bank in Tanzania in the provision of affordable, accessible and convenient financial           services”.              As     part        of            effective organizational development and management of its human capital in an effective way, TPB BANK PLC commits itself towards attaining, retaining and developing the highly capable and qualified workforce for TPB BANK PLC betterment and the Nation at large.


TPB Bank PLC seeks to appoint dedicated, self-motivated and highly organized Field Supervisors (7 positions) one for Njombe, one for Iringa, one for Kyela , one for Mbeya, one for Masasi, one for Nachingwea and one for Usa River regions.


The Field Supervisor is responsible for supervising local trainers and ensuring the quality of the VSLA groups they form, develop Local Trainers skills, overseeing their work as local trainers and making sure all groups formed by Local Trainers are being linked with TPB Bank .

Essential Duties and Responsibilities:-

  • Promote TPB products and VSLA methodology to community stakeholders
  • Lead the recruitment process for the local trainers
  • Train local trainers, monitor, coach and provide feedback to local trainers to develop their skills
  • Ensure the quality of the VSLA groups through regular field visits and spot checks
  • Organize and facilitate TPB events with local leaders, local trainers, and groups as needed
  • Ensure timeliness and accuracy of local trainers reporting. Review data collection forms and MIS reports and take action to improve project performance.
  • Verify stipends/commissioners due to local trainers and train group on VSLA methodology to ensure sustainability of the TPB groups they work with.
  • Facilitate the linkage between VSLA groups and bank so as they can access micro loans for funding their enterprises (value chain financing) and for safekeeping of the group’s money.
  • Facilitate the recruitment of mobile agency that can save the marginalized populations
  • Expand outreach to the poor and un-bankable population and conduct field training /on job trainings to TPB beneficiaries and stake holders
  • Ensure groups opened accounts with TPB bank have access to TPB mobile platform and train how to use it
  • Facilitate VSLA methodology to new identified groups and supervise local. Develop monthly/weekly plans and oversee their implementation
  • Facilitate periodic local trainers and community meetings (xiv) Ensure local trainers submit timely, complete and accurate reports
  • Attend any other duties as may be assigned by his/her superiors.


Education:–Holder of Form Six (VI) Certificate.

  • Bachelor degree/Advanced diploma or Diploma in any discipline will be added advantage

Experience: Ability to train with knowledge on group formation, demonstrated experience in managing VSLA or related functions.
Applicants are invited to submit their resume (indicating the position title and location in the subject heading ) via e-mail to: [email protected] 

Application via other methods will not be considered. Applicants need to submit only the Curriculum Vitae (CV) and the letter of applications starting the job advertised and the location. Other credentials will have to be submitted during the interview for authentic check and other administrative measures and should not in any way be attached during application. Interview will be conducted at the LOCATION APPLIED.

TPB Bank PLC has a strong commitment to environmental, health and safety management. Late applications will not be considered. Short listed candidates may be subjected to any of the following: a security clearance; a competency assessment; physical capability assessment and reference checking.

Please forward your applications before 7th October, 2019.



  • Responsible for the database security management of the bank by taking measures to ensure sage, stable and highly reliable information systems and protect them against any possible threats.
  • Responsible in conducting security risk analysis to determine measures to take to minimize damage to the bank’s system at the lowest cost.


  • To monitor and maintain security of databases and database software on corporate, application, database, role, program and when applicable, table, view and column levels in co-operation with security experts and systems programmers.
  • To maintain availability and integrity of databases, including referential integrity checking and multiple access schemes (Locking).
  • To extract systems reports or create and circulate customized reports to helpdesk and to other end users
  • To facilitate sharing of common data by overseeing proper key management and data dictionary maintenance.
  • To initiate, procure and maintain database software, related documents and tools.
  • To liaise with the data base software vendor and, when applicable, database content vendor
  • To grant and revoke highest-level access rights and monitor the use of these rights
  • To maintain database software licenses, when applicable and database content licenses.
  • To maintain development, test and production database environments
  • To start and stop databases
  • To monitor databases and optimize database performance and use of resources, including selection of optimal physical implementations of databases.
  • To install database software, if necessary, with systems programmers and network managers
  • To monitor and manage database backups, data replication and, when needed, restorations, big loads to databases and porting databases or parts of databases.
  • To help application programmers to install and tune their database related programs, when possible, also giving guidance in effective use of database features
  • To oversee the maintenance of the database content with persons responsible for the application.
  • To create and edit databases and public database following change request procedures.
  • To plan for processing capacity, storage capacity and back-up capacity of the database.
  • To plan for database security and integrity with security experts, systems programmers and network managers.
  •  To review and develop data models and database designs with development teams
  • Support banking system nightly processing
  • To do any other jobs as may be assigned from time to time.


  • Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science/Information Systems with experience of at least Two years in database administration, design and programming inboth 3rd generation language and 4th generation language.
  • Certified Oracle database administration
  • Knowledge of Relational Database Management Systems is essential especially SQL and Sybase will be an added advantage.
  •  Knowledge of programming language such as Java, ASP, Visual Basic and HTTP
  • Knowledge of Banking and accounting systems will be added advantage
  • Knowledge of Operating System such as UNIX and LINUX

The position will attract a competitive salary package, which include benefits.
Applicants are invited to submit their resume (indicating the position title
applied and location in the subject heading of application letter and in
email ) via e-mail to: [email protected]

TPB Bank PLC, has a strong commitment to environmental, health and safety
management. Late applications will not be considered. Short listed candidates may
be subjected to any of the following: a security clearance; a competency
assessment; physical capability assessment and reference checking.

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