4 Job Opportunities at SOS Children’s Villages Tanzania

4 New Job Vacancies

SOS Children’s Villages Tanzania is a local non-government organization affiliated to Sos Children’s Villages International, a worldwide child care organization that provides orphaned and destitute children with a permanent home and educational opportunities. Established 60 years ago, SOS Children’s Villages International the umbrella organization, currently has Children’s Villages and other projects in 135 countries around the world. Globally, it runs the SOS Children’s Village Programme which has two main arms, i.e. Family Based Care based at SOS Children’s Villages and Family Strengthening Programmes supporting families in local communities.

SOS has been working in the United Republic of Tanzania since 1991, and implements its programs in the following locations Zanzibar, Arusha, Dar es Salaam, Mwanza and Iringa.

SOS Children’s Villages Tanzania seeks to recruit suitably qualified candidate to fill the following vacant positions below….

Job Title : IPD Grants Accountant

Duty station : National Office
Reporting to : Head of Finance


Check the status of payment vouchers submitted to National Office and provide feedback to senders (Projects Officers & Accountants) to ensure timely submission to National Office and quality standards as required by the donor;
Prepare monthly report to the Head of Finance for updates on Financial management of the projects;
Ensure that payments are done according to finance procedures in place and the supporting documentation is complete.
Cross check / make banks reconciliations on a monthly basis for all projects bank accounts.
Work with the program team and update them of any outstanding issue regarding donor compliance which requires a management decision.
Coordinate IPD project reports preparation on SharePoint (voucher lists, vouchers scans uploading, Cash-Flow Forecasts preparation to ensure the donor satisfaction is adhered to, through a timely response to related querries.
Prepare IPD project request for transfers according to the budget approved:
Make a follow up of incoming transfers and ensure the donor has received funds transfers acknowledgements in due time ;
Ensure the projects funds received are changed according to the exchange rate agreed with the bankers ;
Make a follow up of foreign currrency bank accounts to ensure funds received all changed in local currency on time.
Ensure effective communication with the donors, through the Head of Finance, on funds disbursment and provide timely updates whenever required.
Ensure that IPD projects funds transfers are prepared and submitted in due time to ensure a smooth running of projects activities.
Cross check data entered by location Accountants in Navision system and ensure all expenses are booked on appropriate accounting codes ;
Link restricted funds with appropriate reason codes each month and ensure expenses incured are deducted from vendor card of funds received.
Prepare the projects ageing balance monthly and share it with concerned co workers to ensure follow up and clearance on time;
Supporting accountants in projects budgets follow up and a proper booking of expenses.
Ensure projects data entries in navision are done appropriately and matches with related entries on Sharepoint (for BMZ Projects);
Providing trial balances of projects expenses each month and discuss with budgets holders on booking and spending targets ;
Update the financial reports of BMZ projects on a monthly basis : Voucher lists, Cash-flow forecast, vouchers scans uploading, etc and ensure they meet the donor’s requirements
Support Projects Coordinators/Officers in preparation of Quartely reports, to ensure the financial information reported is true.
Support the Projects Officers/Coordinators in budgeting and filling in related forms ;
Fill in funds requests for IPD projects, following up incoming transfers and aknowledging their receipt in due time ;
Support new co workers to be familiar with donor reporting tools on SharePoint for ease of reporting and use of self-service option in Daily assignent.
Ensure a timely photocoping and delivery of IPD Projects proof of payment to donors whenever needed;
Ensure completeness of payment vouchers are submitted abroad and keeping copies at National office.
Support Projects Officers/Coordinators in budgets follow up and ensure any overspending or budgets reallocation above authorised sealing highlighted in the projects agreement is approved by the donnor.
Make follow up of the projects assets for proper booking in Navision system, proper handling and traceability.
In collaboration of the Head of Finance, communicate with the donor on some financial issues encounted for during implementation of projects which include predicted Cash shortage, cash supplus, delays of transfers, etc. for a timely decision making in favour of the project being implemented.
Supporting the projects internal and external audits, monitoring and evaluation processes.


Bachelor’s degree in Finance, Accounting or a related field.
Full CPA (T) or ACCA or its equivalent with three years relevant experience. Must be registered by NBAA as an Approved Accountant.
3+ years in a relevant field (preferably with an NGO).
Ability to set up and maintain financial systems and develop internal control procedures
Good experience managing the quality and content of all financial and accounting data, reporting and coordinating audits for an organization or significant department.
Knowledgeable of best practices in Accounts/ Finance and resources management
Flexible and a self-starter, able to multi-task while also being highly detailed-orientated.
Hands-on experience in computerized accounting applications/software/ MSOffice/Excel/Word/PPT is a must

Job Title : Program Officer- Alternative Care

Duty station : SOS Children’s Village Dar es Salaam
Reporting to : Alternative Care Coordinator (CAQAC)

Program Officer (Alternative Care) is responsible for planning, developing and implementing quality alternative care programing for children and young people, and appropriate community mobilization in professional and timely manner.

Project officers work in teams with project coordinator, programme manager and administrator to support and coordinate project activities.
The project officer will provide case management and supportive services to children/youth and their biological families, and communities.
Support partners to manage all aspects of the project cycle including planning, implementation and monitoring.
Ensures the empowerment of families in child care and protection.
Develop and implement Project’s work plans on annual/biannual /quarterly basis.
Conducts regular field visits to maintain appropriate implementation of project activities.
Ensure all project documentation and reports produced on time.
Support in designing training manual and guides on different options of alternative care implemented by SOS Children’s Village Program Dar es Salaam.
Support the Alternative Care Coordinator to implement recommendation from audits, monitoring reports, and investigations are implemented. Support the Alternative Care Coordinator to identify and meet training needs of Caregivers, and project partners.
Participate in development of Strategic Plan and Annual Plans to guarantee compliance with government policies and strategies on alternative care, and most vulnerable children.
Support to establishes and maintains a collaborative relationship with the Department of Social Welfare and Community Development
Plan and implement community sensitization programmes on foster care parenting, protection of children in alternative care arrangements
Support the Alternative Care Coordinator to orient and train local government leaders, community leaders, faith based organization leaders and CBOs in SOS Children’s Villages Programme locations on alternative care for children in need.
Recognizes that child protection is everyone business, having the obligation to protect the children as per Code of Conduct and Child Protection Policy.
Conducts in a way that safeguards children and youth from all forms of discrimination, abuse, mistreatment and neglect.
Strongly support our values and our vision that “every child grows in a family, with love respect and security”, and She will promote children’s development.
Supposed to submit Monthly progress report and other reports as per directives received from the Direct supervisor.


Bachelor Degree in relevant field from a recognized University (Social Work, Sociology, Community Development, Development Studies, Rural Development)
At least 3 years’ experience in implementing programs with most vulnerable children.
Sound understanding of child rights, child development, family and community development, rights based programming and management of CBOs.
Good understanding of project budgets, forecast, and reports.
Knowledge of database management and good command over MS Office.
Good communication skills (both oral and written).
Proficient in both verbal and written English.
Problem solving and analytical

Job Title : Employment and Entrepreneurship Training Program Coordinator

Duty station : SOS Children’s Village Mwanza
Reporting to : Program Manager


EET Program Coordinator oversees development of projects related to young people, child participants, and adults of alternative care, family strengthening and others from the community and supports community systems and structures strengthening on behalf of the organization. The EET Program Coordinator works closely with Youth Empowerment Officer to promote youth Services through engaging the community and all stakeholders in the support of projects to meet the needs of local youth for them to become self-independent.


Lead the planning of the Social Centre program activities. Carry out/supports any assessment that will be conducted for Youth/social centre e.g. Baseline, feasibility study or up-date existing information for starting/or redesigning youth/ social centre project.
Conduct research and statistical analysis; offers recommendations on community development opportunities.
Identify key stakeholders including the Local Government Authority, Community-Based Partners and Youth/Social Centre Project participants (e.g. Child related Community groups/associations, structure/system membersjand ensure their active participation in the project design and implementation putting a particular emphasis on child/youth participation.
Draw-up an initial action plan together with key community stakeholders based on the findings from the feasibility study, baseline or any assessment, followed by annual plans with concrete programme activities based on the analysis findings, context and in line with the organisations mission, policies, strategic priorities and available resources.
Ensure all Youth/Social Centre participants understand Children Village Program Policy, their roles and ready to engage accordingly. All key steps (context, assessment, available resources and in the best interest of the child) are effectively observes during Planning phase or redesigning of the Program.
Identify local funding sources and apply for grants and other forms of local income, such as Community support grants from various grants foundations and government subsidies under different department such as Women/youth funds from Community development department at Mwanza City Council.
Provide recommendations on available potential funding opportunities to the project participants, available partnership initiatives and the community needs and liaises frequently with community members, funders, and other stakeholders. Coordinate the implementation of programme activities Before the Program Coordinator EET implement new Community Program or any initiatives, he/she should evaluate existing scheme, identifying their flaws and highlighting where there is room for improvement. Then he/she should share with management how and where these communities’ needs and aspirations can be met, devising strategies, considering budgetary restrictions and then working with a range of different existing community management to prepare and implement projects.
Develop Youth empowerment training programme and curriculum packages that will be carried at the Youth/Social Centre
Facilitate the Setting up the leadership to a community Committees, groups and Associations in identifying/securing and coordinating community resources necessary to implement Community Development Programs (Existing and new).
Lead the implementation of programme activities with partners according to the objectives, actions and time frames outlined in the annual plan and joint action plan.
Develop and scope viable programs with other community-based groups that reflect community assets and priorities.
Ensure that the programme operates in accordance with the organisation’s policies and procedures.
Support capacity-building to Community-Based Partners (e.g. youth groups, Community Committees, Associations or Community Clubs) or Systems/structures like Child Protection Systems, to ensure the long-term sustainability of service delivery that is done by the organisation is anchored into their daily plan of actions/activities and their budgeting.
Build a strong network of Community Based Partners, Committees and Groups that are existing in the community.
Enforce the implementation of the Children’s Villages Program Policy while keeping focus on the principles, social support networks strengthened and the actions and decision made by these committees, groups, structures etc. should be in the best interest of the child. Build and manage positive relations with the community and/or local authorities Identify strategic partnership and build strong relationships with respective community development department in the local government authorities, recognised community leadership and like-minded child related community groups/association, who share the organisation’s vision, as well as those who provide complementary services to young people.
Participate in community development forums/networks/conferences dealing/discussing issues affecting children of our target group.
Search for various prospects for youth programs such as government grants, vocational training institution grants, to secure opportunities for employment and entrepreneurship skills.
Build good relations with the local media (e.g. community radio), so child rights issues in general as well as the organisation’s mission and objectives can be promoted on a regular basis. Engage the community in meaningful dialogue, including through social media, to achieve optimal outcomes.
Build relationships with government agencies, community groups and local businesses that are willing to invest time and money into their local communities.
Ensure appropriate consultation, participation, and feedback to the community in the development of policies and strategies related to youth and caregiver’s initiatives.
Establish strong working relationship between youth/social centre program and other program within SOS Children’s Village; participate in development of guidelines and other working documents. Financial management and administration of the programme Ensure that the organisation’s financial resources are used modestly and efficiently.
Implement financial and administrative procedures, in line with policies/guidelines of the National Association and in consultation with financial support staff.
Ensure program unit planning and budgets are in line with the organizational strategies.
Ensure all programme expenditure/resource usage is in line with the annual plan and budget.
Ensure the program comply with financial policies including procurement policy and procedures.
Ensure there is no either underspending or overspending of the approved funds of the Social Centre Program and other Community strengthening activities budgeted in Mwanza.
Ensure there is no fraud or corruption tolerated in Social Centre program in Mwanza. Any indications of corruption and fraud need to be reported as soon as identified. Establish mechanisms for ongoing monitoring and evaluation of the programme Work very closely with Community Development Department at the Mwanza City Council to put in place effective monitoring and evaluation plans and systems, on the basis of the international systems requirements, as a basis for ongoing monitoring, self-evaluation and external impact evaluation. These tools shall facilitate both quantitative and qualitative evaluation, using participatory approaches.
Monitor and evaluate youth programs in line with the result framework and M&E tools.
Provide direct superior with regular up-dates on project activities and results, including regular written reports on a monthly/quarterly basis as required.
Involve fully in Mwanza program annual progress report writing and submission Contribute to the work of the broader organisation
Participate in local, national and regional the organisation as required and agreed with the direct superior. Work closely and supports the documentation and communication committee in Mwanza to document and share good practices and lessons learned with colleagues to support and improve cross program and organisational learning.
Work closely and supports the documentation and communication committee in Mwanza to prepare your program information as required for public relations and fund development purposes.
Keep track of child rights issues in general as well as current social development issues and trends relevant to the organisation’s mission, and ensure you identify the innovation areas to improve the Community Social Centre Project up and running in Mwanza.


Bachelor degree in Community Development/ Community Economic development, Project Management, and any relevant field from recognized institutions.
At least A years working experience preferably with NGO in this field.
Basic facilitation skills.
Ability to work with minimum supervision.
Computer skills especially Microsoft word, Excel & the Internet.
A good command of both oral & written English

Job Title : Program Officer- Family Streghthening

Duty station : SOS Children’s Village Dar es Salaam
Reporting to : Familiy Streghthening Program Coordinator


Family Streghtening Program Officer is responsible for facilitating the capacity building of FSP supported families, communities and duty bearers to effectively protect and care their children sustainably in cooperation with local authorities and other service providers, enabling children who are at risk of losing the care of the families to grow within a caring family environment.


Facilitate the formation and development of Community Task Force to spearhead the programme:
Organise and facilitate training of Community Task Force on vulnerability assessment at family and community levels.
Support Community Task Forces in the identification of programme participants
Reviewing and submitting to the Admissions Committee the programme participants received from Community Task Forces.
Facilitate active participation of children in all FSP processes.
Facilitate the formation and functioning of family support groups.
Facilitate the identification and training of community facilitators in Family Development Planning.
Maintaining and updating files for programme participants.
Support Community Task Force, families and communities in the assessment of root causes leading to child abandonment at family and community levels through use of appropriate participatory tools.
Support the development of an appropriate action plan to meet the needs of each household and community.
Facilitate the identification of opportunities and mobilization of local resources for the action plan to meet the needs of each household and community.
Support the preparation of individualized family development plans and community development plans.
Support the programme coordinator in the consolidation of Family Development Plans and preparation of budgets relevant to the attainment of programme’s goal.
Facilitate and support the timely programme plans from the approved annual plans and budgets.
Facilitate families’ access to essential services required to fulfill their children’s developmental needs and rights.
Support the facilitation and monitoring of children’s access to education,health care and vital registration
Facilitate and support the initial CBO capacity assessment in order to come up with the CBO Development Plan.
Facilitate the developing of the CBO’s organizational management capacity, that is, formation of properly constituted boards & committees, writing CBO constitution, legal registration of CBO, developing the CBO vision statement, mission statement, strategy and values.
Support the CBO capacity building of systems in Financial and accounting policies, procurement policies and procedures, resource mobilization strategies, human resource management policies, project reporting procedures, leadership and governance and strategic plans.
Facilitate the CBO capacity building of networks in terms of identifying strategic partners, and other service providers
Facilitate stakeholder analysis within the programme, maintaining and updating stakeholders’ profiles.
Collaborate with community development structures, other NGOs and government departments for effective service delivery to programme participants.
Support functional sustainability of community based networks on OVC support and other relevant development initiatives.
Identifying opportunities for OVC supportive partnerships within the programme
Facilitate participatory monitoring and evaluation of the programme interventions.
Facilitate regular data collection through appropriate monitoring tools on programme interventions.
Facilitate the regular counting of key programme participants.
Organize and facilitate regular project reviews with Community Family Development Planning Facilitators and other service providers on FSP.
Carry out regular home visits to families ,CBOs and other partner on the programme for timely and relevant programme support.
Prepare and submit timely progress reports to the FSP Coordinator on programme interventions.
Document family and child success stories on programme interventions.
Ensuring that relevant community development structures have documented programme processes.
Ensuring that the database and files of families on the programme are maintained and updated timely;
Submission of signed distribution list to Finance on all programme items received by participants in the community.


Bachelor degree in Social Work, Community Development, Sociology: and any relevant field from recognized institutions.
At least two years working experience preferably with NGO in this field.
Basic facilitation skills.
Basic Knowledge of Gender, Child rights and Advocacy. Ability to work with minimum supervision.
Computer skills especially Microsoft word, Excel & the Internet.
A good command of both oral & written English

How to apply:

Interested candidates for any of the above positions should submit an application letter by email enclosed by only detailed and updated CV with telephone contacts, email address and details of at least 3 referees.

The candidate MUST clearly indicate the title of position applied for. Only contacted candidates for the interview will submit copies of academic and professional certificates. This advert can be obtained on our website

http://www.sos-childrensvillagestanzania.or.tz. Closing date is 19th June, 2022..

To apply please send to;
The National Director SOS Children’s Villages Tanzania.
Dar es Salaam, Tanzania
[email protected]

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