10 Internship Opportunities at Musoma Utalii Training College



About the College

Musoma Utalii Training College is a college registered by Ministry of Education, National  Council for Technical Education (NACTE) and Vocational Education Training Authority  (VETA). We are offering different courses as per society needs. The College is located near  Bweri Bus Terminal in Musoma municipality. It is an oldest College in Lake Zone with 21 years  from its establishment.

The College is looking for qualified candidates who can share their skills and experiences in  promoting trainings to students of different courses. The program aims at accumulating views,  approaches and skills to scholars from different colleges in the following courses:

MONTHLY INCOME: Each candidate under this program will receive a monthly  package of Tsh. 300,000/-

OCCUPATION: Food Production (10 post)

INTERNSHIP LOCATION: Musoma – Mara – Tanzania



  • To teach Food Production core and Cross-cutting Modules as per VETA curriculum.
  • To utilize an adopted course of study, instructional program guidelines, and other  materials in planning and developing scheme of training.
  • To conduct teaching and instructional activities, using educational equipment, materials,  books, and other learning aids. And instructional level of students from varied socio economic and cultural backgrounds, and who possess a range of mental and emotional  maturity.
  •  To review analyze and evaluate the history, background, and assessment of students in  designing instructional programs to meet individual educational needs.
  •  To provide group and individual instruction to motivate students, and effectively utilizes  the time available for instructional activities.
  • To maintain appropriate standards of student behavior, using behavioral management  strategies and techniques, including positive reinforcement and behavior shaping  procedures.
  • To review, analyze, evaluate, and report student’s academic, social and emotional growth
  • To Prepare, administer, score, record, and report the results of criterion referenced  tests, and administer, score, record, and report the results of group standardized tests in  evaluating students growth and progress.

LANGUAGE SKILLS: should have a good command of English, and Swahili language

QUALIFICATIONS: Certificate or Diploma in Culinary (Food Production) from  recognized Institution. Possession of Vocational Teachers Training Certificate will be required. Mode of application

All applicants should send their cover letters, copies of their Secondary education certificates,  professional certificates (Academic certificates and Transcript) and their relevant CV’s through  [email protected] for more details; contact P.O BOX 1488, Musoma. +255755017166  or 0758293171, the Vice principal of Musoma Utalii Training College – Musoma,

The deadline of application is 12th July 2021 before 4:00 pm.

Dr.Galus Tarimo
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