New Job Opportunities at The communication and transport workers union of Tanzania COTWU (T)

The communication and transport workers union of Tanzania COTWU (T). Is a non-profit democratic organisation made up of voluntary workers. the Organisation came into being in 1996 and was registered in 2000 under the Tanzanian trade union ordinance no.10 of 1998 as a trde union to represent workerseployed in the communication and Transport Industry. COTWU (T) is affiliated to the national center TUCTA, the international transport workers federation (ITF) and the union network (UNI).

The Union aims to mobilize and attract all non members into the Union organization. Furthermore it is the Union’s interest to see that its members are educated enough in order to be efficient at work place on one hand and good trade unionist at the other hand.

The system proposed aims to lay down an organization and education program for employee in COTWU (T) sectors that provides them with the necessary information and education on trade union activities and benefits, in order to stimulate the interest and attract all non members to join the union.

Job Vacancies and Mode of Application

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