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Company Profile: Unilever Tea Tanzania Limited is a plantation company operating under Unilever Tea, East Africa (UTEA). UTTL employs over 5,500 employees whose safety and security are very important to the business.
We are currently looking to hire one Teacher for our Tanzania business. This role will be office based and requires candidates with knowledge for the job. If you are looking for a career in Unilever, then you are the person we are looking for.

DEPARTMENT: Brooke Bond School

JOB TITLE: Teacher (1) Civics & General Studies

REPORTS TO: School Manager
Work level: 1D1 Business Context and Main Purpose of The Job
The teacher will be professionally responsible for the day to day management and teaching of the classes assigned to them, and to teach according to the educational needs and abilities of the individual students entrusted to his/her care.
Reporting Structure / Relationships School Manager

Main Accountabilities

    • High Quality Teaching – Our goal is to create a high-quality, high-energy, positive, and engaging learning environment in which all students are encouraged to reach and demonstrate high levels of both academic achievement and emotional maturity. We must teach not only the academic curriculum but also thinking skills, self- discipline and self-management, responsibility, respect, and compassion. Creativity, sound classroom management, and positive inter-personal relationships are essential to high quality teaching. Students are expected to see tangible, visible growth and improvement.
    • Preparedness – Planning schemes of work, lesson plans, and assessments ahead of time. Any materials required should be gathered before the lesson. Keep a record of your lessons for the week ahead. You must maintain an orderly work and learning space in both the classroom and the staffroom.
    • Punctuality – It is critical that teachers are in their designated class on time and remain in the classroom with students for the duration of the lesson. It is equally important that the lesson ends promptly and does not run over time. Inform the School Manager in case of an illness or emergency which may prevent you from coming to work.
    • Discipline – Establishing and maintaining clear and consistent expectations for behaviour is necessary for a positive learning environment. Violent, humiliating, or psychologically destructive methods of discipline are unacceptable and will not be tolerated by any staff member, whether physical or verbal. Bullying in any form is not tolerated and must be addressed on the spot.
    • Ensuring student progress – Achievable by addressing the target concepts, skills, and knowledge that are required in the curriculum. Using relevant materials and differentiating for individual students as necessary.
    • Assessing and problem-spotting – Formative (ongoing) assessment as well as summative assessment of student progress, with timely feedback is expected. You must keep a record of assessments as evidence of student performance. Any academic and/or behavioural issues should be discussed immediately and regularly with the School Manager
    •  Class Activities – Classroom teaching should include the regular use of activities relevant to the curriculum/syllabus. This includes, but is not limited to: field trips, music, games, outdoor activities, films, etc. These activities should be planned and incorporated into lessons as teaching tools to further students’ understanding of the class material.
    • Relationships – all teachers are expected to be collaborative and cooperative. All staff members must strive to create a positive, mature, friendly, open, and tension- free atmosphere.
    • Confidentiality – all matters pertaining to the school are to be kept confidential and must not be discussed with anyone outside the school.
    • Professionalism – Teachers are expected to conduct themselves in a professional manner always, whether in or out of school.

Expectations in addition to classroom teaching:

  • Taking part in and performing duties about the organization, planning, supervision, and/or discipline of school related functions as may be assigned from time to time including supervision of break times and meals, as well as Teacher on Duty responsibilities on a rotational basis.
  • Full participation in weekly staff meetings and any other meeting which may be called by the School Manager.
  • Emergency substitution for sick colleagues.
  • Planning and organization of a 1-hour/week club of the teacher’s choice after teaching hours
  • The Site Safety Operations supports the Site SHE Manager or Coordinator in managing Safety & Health improvement activities to achieve excellence at the site level. S/he works with site SHE teams to identify and implement improvement plans to achieve sustainable SHE excellence by reducing injuries and illnesses as measured in the core KPIs.
  • Support the deployment of the global/cluster SHE strategy, policy and standards in the site to achieve excellent sustainable result
  • Participate in the SHE teams responsible to deliver Occupational Health, Safety and Environmental results
  • Drive safety risk assessment and assist in implementation of appropriate controls
  • Aid the Site SHE Manager or Coordinator in leading the SHE Pillar in accordance with ManEx
  • Attain a thorough understanding of the Unilever BBS Program and support deployment in the site
  • Attain a thorough understanding of the Unilever PSM Program and support deployment in the site and support the application of Unilever guidelines and procedures for Process Safety assessment (SIMAS)
  • Influence line management and drive safety leadership
  • Monitor site legal compliance and ensure the site meets all local/national regulatory requirements and Unilever standards.
  • Work closely with Occupational Health personnel to identify and mitigate risks which may lead to occupational ill health
  • Assist the Site SHE Manager or Coordinator to develop and lead the internal crisis committees and safety committee; support the site leader in leading serious incident investigation and analysis
  • Conduct trend analysis from incidents, near misses, safe behavior observations and deep compliance audits

Qualifications & Experience

  • Possess a bachelor’s degree in Education
  • 2+ years of relevant teacher experience

Key skills

  • Be qualified to teach both Kiswahili and History
  • Be creative and positive – make learning fun!
  • Be a critical and analytical thinker
  • Teach to individual student needs
  • Be able to multi-task
  • Demonstrate strong preparedness and punctuality
  • Establish clear and consistent expectations in the classroom
  • Ensure student progress
  • Be professional both in and out of the classroom


All applications should be sent to the address or email below on or before 26th February 2019. Eligible candidates are required to submit detailed CV with names of three referees and an application letter.

Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted for phone interviews. Candidates invited for an in-person interview will be asked to prepare and teach a sample lesson to a group of students in front of the interview committee.
P.O.BOX 40,

Or Email: lucy.john@unilever.com

Deadline: 26th February 2019

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