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Jobs Vacancies

Tanzania Electric Supply Company Limited (TANESCO) is implementing its strategies to increase access and connectivity of its energy services and products for Tanzanians to support the government’s industrialization agenda. The company is currently expanding its business by investing heavily in generation, transmission and distribution network. In line with this, TANESCO now invites applicants who are self-motivated, honest, hardworking and committed individuals to fill the positions under Specified Period Employment terms of Twelve Months Period (12) at KIBITI DISTRICT OFFICE, COAST REGION.

All Candidates must:

  • Demonstrate impeccable performance track record;
  • Demonstrate highest degree of integrity, credibility, and character;
  • Possess excellent communication and interpersonal skills;
  • Be capable of working with minimal supervision;
  • Be capable of delivering excellent results while working under pressure with tight deadlines;
  • Possess knowledge and competency in related field;
  • Good customer care;

Position: Electrical Technician: 3 Posts
Report to: Electrical Engineer

To ensure that all scheduled activities related to construction and maintenance of electrical distribution systems are carried out effectively and efficiently in order to ensure that customers are receiving reliable power supply.


  • Constructs and maintains distribution lines network in accordance with the company procedures and standards.
  • Assists in preparing short & long term plans construction/maintenance schedules for expansion of distribution network
  •  Monitors load growth on secondary sub-station through periodic measurement.
  • Conducts routine inspection of distribution lines to determine and prevents possible faults and eliminate unplanned power outages.
  • Provides technical support to Foremen such that all construction and maintenance works are conveniently done in accordance with company’s standards and instructions.
  • Prepares weekly, monthly and annually report for record keeping, future references and submit to mains engineer within agreed timelines.
  • Maintains and repairs electrical systems, do performance maintenance of electrical systems.
  • Carries out diagnostic analysis to determine causes of electrical or mechanical malfunction or failure of operational equipment and performs preventative and corrective maintenance.
  • Plans, directs, and records periodic electrical testing, and recommends or initiates modification or replacement of equipment which fails to meet acceptable operating standards.


  • Holder of Ordinary Diploma in Electrical Engineering from recognized learning Institutions plus Certificate of Secondary education (Form Four or/and Form Six)
  • At least 1 year of relevant working experience
  • Must be a Computer literate.

Position: Artisan (Linesman): 20 Posts
Report to: Foreman

Responsible for proper construction/maintenance of distribution lines in the district.


  • Constructs and maintains distribution lines network in accordance with the company to ensure customers are timely connected and according to the company standard, while observing safety of customers and properties.
  • Carries out routine inspection and maintenance of power lines to ensure continuity of service, as well as quality and reliable power supply to customers.
  • Connects power to the customers timely and according to the Company Standards and procedures so as to ensure customers’ safety to their lives and properties
  • Attends temporarily breakdowns immediately without any delays so as to ensure customers have constant power supply


  • Trade Test Grade I, II or III or its equivalent qualification in Electrical installation
  • Certificate of Secondary Education (Form IV and/or VI)
  • At least One year of relevant working experience.

Position: Accountant Trainee: 1 Post
Report to: District Accountant

Responsible for financial and revenue matters by ensuring that collection, debt reduction targets and expenditure set by the company are achievable and adhering to the approved district budget.


  • Ensures safe custody of cash and daily banking activities in the Districts are done properly.
  • Prepares and submits weekly, monthly, quarterly and annual returns from your department as per company’s procedures.
  • Ensures safe custody of safe keys, cheque books, LPOs, and any other important financial documents.
  • Closes works orders and prompt submission of certificates to Head office.
  • Process payments in accordance with the terms of payments and availability of funds
  • Ensures that daily collection received from the cashier is banked on the next day, and banking documents are kept in safe custody.
  • Ensures that Value added Tax (VAT) and withholding tax on goods and services rendered including city levy are properly deducted and remitted to the government and respective council on time.


  • Holder of Bachelor’s Degree in Accountancy, Finance or equivalent qualification from recognized higher learning Institutions.
  • Certified Public Accountant (CPA Holder)
  • Certificate of Secondary Education (Form Four or Six).
  • Minimum of 1 year of relevant working experience in managing accounting functions.

Position: Accounts Assistant: 3 Posts
Report to: Assistant Accountant

Assisting District Accountant in performing all accounting activities in the district.

  • Prepares accurately, neatly all input data to ensure that report preparations are in time.
  • Reports all accounting anomalies immediately to ensure that corrective measures are implemented in time.
  •  Prepares CRN, DRN, JVS and any other adjustments to ensure that all errors committed are removed.
  • Attends customers in a good manner and acceptable language to ensure that no customer is complaining about his/her bills.


  • Holder of Ordinary Diploma in Accountancy, Finance or relevant qualification from recognized learning Institutions plus Certificate of Secondary Education (Form Four or Six).
  • Minimum of 1 year of relevant working experience in managing finance functions.

Position: Driver: 5 Posts
Report to: District Accountant
Driving and maintaining the Company vehicles as per Company rules, traffic instructions and regulations.


  • Operates assigned vehicle in a safe and courteous manner to ensure safety of the vehicle and passengers.
  • Adheres to Company Transport Policy, Rules and Procedures and maintaining discipline to road traffic laws, rules and signs.
  • Records all routes in a log book in order to monitor fuel consumption.
  • Keeps the assigned vehicle(s) clean inside and outside.
  • Maintains accurate, up-to-date records on trip sheets, transportation forms, vehicle maintenance, incident reports, accident reports, fuel utilization, vehicle condition reports and other records that are requested by management.
  • Performs minor maintenance tasks on assigned vehicle(s) as required.
  • Coordinates the schedule for major or periodic vehicle maintenance with management.


  •  Form IV and/or VI Secondary School Academic Certificates
  • Trade Test Grade I or Level III in Automobile Engineering/Mechanics from recognized institutions
  • Valid Driving License Class C/C1/C2/C3 and/or E;
  • Driving Certificates from NIT & or VETA; and
  • Minimum of two (2) years of related working experience.

Position: Customer Services Representative: 3 Posts
Report to: District Customer Relation Officer
Assist District Customer Relations Officer in implementing marketing, customer services strategies and guidelines in the District.


  • Attends customers and relay information to the recipient staff clearly, timely and perfectly for a solution to the Customers.
  • Registers customer complaints in the special register and Service Delivery Management System.
  • Provides products and services information to the Customers. It includes new and existing products and services.
  • Ensures proper recording of time used to restore/repair/respond to customer complains/breakdowns.
  • Relays information to Customers regarding planned outages and any other planned activity that may affect delivery of service in the respective District.


  • Holder of Ordinary Diploma or Certificates in Marketing from recognized institutes plus Certificate of Secondary education (Four and/or Six).
  •  Must be Computer literate.
  •  At least 6 months of related working experience.

Applicants should send a written application giving full details of previous work life history, qualifications and include two work references.
Application letter should also indicate details of secondary school certificates such as candidate’s name, index number and year of examination appearing in the attached academic certificates.

Applications should be marked “Private and confidential” and addressed to:

P. O BOX 2233,

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