U.S Embassy Tanzania Dar es Salaam,Notice of Funding Opportunity FY2019

U.S Embassy in Tanzania

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Funding Opportunities for Tanzanians 2019 by U.S Embassy Tanzania Dar es salaam

The U.S. Embassy in Tanzania is pleased to announce that funding is available through the Public Affairs Section’s Annual Program Statement (APS), which outlines our funding priorities, the strategic themes we focus on, and the procedures for submitting requests for funding.  Please read carefully the instructions below before applying.

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Public Diplomacy
Program Office: Public Diplomacy (PD)
Announcement/Award Type: Grant, Individual Grant, Property Grant and Cooperative Agreement
Funding Opportunity Number: DOS-DAR-2019
Funding Opportunity Title: Annual Program Statement for Public Diplomacy
Deadline for Applications: July 31, 2019 (12:00 pm. GMT)
Individual award amount: The award floor is $1,000 and the ceiling is $25,000

Program Description
The purpose of this APS is to award a limited number of grants to individuals, non-governmental organizations, think tanks, and academic institutions.  Proposals funded by PD under this APS will further one or more of the U.S. Mission to Tanzania’s following Integrated Country Strategy and public diplomacy goals:

  • Development of women’s entrepreneurs.
  • Promote Democratic Governance
  • Improve Health and Education, Especially Among Women and Girls
  • Promote Broad-based Economic Growth and Investment
  • Advance Regional and Domestic Security

 Project proposals should be detailed, demonstrating: 

  1. Title of the project
  2. Clear goals/purpose
  3. Problem definition, Behavioral objectives for targeted audience
  4. A description of the proposed project’s activities and expected outcomes
  5. Reliable partner institutions, if any
  6. A detailed evaluation plan
  7. The projected period of performance -realistic timeline (start and end dates)
    and project steps
  8. A strong public diplomacy component
  9. Project monitoring & reporting plan covering the entire project timeline plan
  10. A sustainability plan for the post-funding period.
  11. Budget :- Project proposals must include a detailed budget, demonstrating the following:
    I.   Reasonable costs,
    II.  Any applicable cost-sharing, and

A good application should answer the important questions of who, what, where, when, and why.

Evaluation Criteria
We encourage creative and innovative proposals that advance one or more of the above mentioned goals.  Proposals that focus on youth leadership, women’s empowerment, entrepreneurship, and engagement of underserved populations will be viewed favorably.


Submission Requirements
All proposals must include the following items
1. A cover letter/application letter
2. The organization’s official registration documentation
3. The list of Key members of the organization
4. Support/recommendation letters (if available)

Contact Information:
For Assistance with the requirement for PD Grants: Please contact DARPDProposals@state.gov.

Please indicate “PD Small Grants” on the subject line.


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    • Habari.nipo kijijini lugarawa wilaya ya ludewa mkoa njombe nijifunza umakanika wa magari na uchomereaji vyuma kwa mda mrefu nimefanya kazi mkoani mbeya. Sasa nimerudi kijijni kwangu kwakua kumeletwa umeme natamani kukuza biashara ya gareji nakufundisha wengine vijana.naomba mkopo wakununua mitambo. Na nimekwisha anza kwa vifaa duni. Soko lipo

  1. Women in power I want to learn the way to help women special Masaai women from poverty and help them to be interpreneurship.due may help to be equal with other women in economics and there are know responsibility and there right in society

    • Women in power I want to learn the way to help women special Masaai women from poverty and help them to be interpreneurship.due may help to be equal with other women in economics and there are know responsibility and there right in society

  2. Also if I get another opportunity to help unlucky women and children who lives in hard life lack of basic needs I will do the best.

  3. Peace be upon you.

    I have a bigger intepreneur women proposal. Please let us meet and talk.

  4. I have an academic proposal and of course there is an interesting part in it. But I’m in need of people to rise up the idea Find me +255769138053

  5. I really have the idea of improving improving relationship of Tanzania and America through gaming .As most people take it lightly but I believe it can bring a huge difference . Hope you all do

  6. I have the idear to help students to understand more about HIV & AIDs and live their lives safely without a new transmission of HIV Aids. I need support.

  7. l need to educate kids from Songwe,with my plot and starting with 20 kids but l need expansion because the number of parent who need to educate there kids are many,so l need more supoort

  8. Indeed this funding opportunity is for helping the under-served populations. We all live in the world where the marginalized populations are still lacking basic needs for their livelihood. We should grab this funding opportunity, for livelihood improvement. Together, we make the good world for all.

  9. I want to educate women about reproductive health at Rombo district, on how to use family planning as to solve women and children health promblems.

  10. The fund is good,I would like to solve the problem of water to the schools(at least few schools) in Tanga Tanzania,so as to protect the pupils from diseases:such as diarrhoea, uti,minyoo nk.so kwa kuchimba visima virefu na vya uhakika..it help them also to improve academic but also to care their environment.so fund is needed.

  11. Hello,
    We are calling for your help to our organization ( Arise Of Village Development-AVIDE) which is registered under the act of nongovernmental organizations, we do community helping projects.
    Please can we get how the application is done, Thanks for your great job to reduce poverty!

  12. Many people of PEMBA Island especially those who are staying at remote areas Village’s. Those people are mainly Live-stock keepers as well as farmers for their day to day activities to improve their life. Unfortunately they are suffering with development hinders (I.e thief and their company) Therefore Live-stock keepers organization of WETE district had already established a projects for improvement of New Live-stock KEEPING techniques to avoid their bad habits of stealing their Live-stock. According to that WE need support for improvement of our goal and for the benefit of all (youths and women).

  13. I would like to provide education Of intreprenue for women who are living at magomeni mwembe chai

  14. Hello
    I am Hassan Saleh from Zanzibar, I am very interested on this.
    I have an NGO called Zanz Charitable youth promotion Organization (ZAYP) it’s aim is to give life promotion to the youth and to support orphans and poor family with different business ideas.
    It is my hope that you can consider me too.


    • I have a proposal on how to establish a small fishing farm after doing assessment in semi desert area like Dodoma

  15. I would like to provide education of women about reproductive health on how to use family planning as to solve women and children health

  16. I am jesse,Managing Director of jikuze Business Solution Ltd,located at Morogoro,our main task is to help lowly income enterprenous by giving additional capital with very small interest.therefore were asking just a fund for them.thanks very much

  17. Siwema devidi fungo thanks for opportunity is certificate of nursing pone;0763678508

  18. I have innovative project of agriculture in which i it will conducted it will solve the problem of hunger.

  19. I think this is a good idea .I do have a bakery and I have got plans to have a restaurant in downtown .I have this opportunity to work with you to attain my dream

  20. Habar mm ni fundi ujenz nipo mwanza tanzania na tupo group la watu watano ambao tunashilikian kwenye biashara tulionayo ya kununua viwanja tunajenga nyumba ndogo ndog za ml25 baada ya hapo tunaziuza lakin bad atujakua saana kiuchumi hakika tukipata huo mkopo tutakua na uwezo wa kujenga ata nyumb za ml75 na tutaongeza ajira kwa vijana wenzetu.Asan

  21. Helo, naitwa grace Mwaipopo,nafanya kazi ya huduma ya afya kwa jamii kwa njia ya machapisho (kuuza), ongezeko la magonjwa na mmomonyoko wa maadili ni kubwa Sana, hivyo ninahitaji kupanua kazi kwa kuanzisha kiwanda kitakachozalisha vyakula na vinywaji vya asili kusaidia jamii kuepukana na mtindo mbaya wa maisha unaoleta magonjwa,pamoja na kuanzisha kituo Cha afya kusaidia jamii. Hivyo nimepungukiwa na pesa,nikipata pesa nifarahi ili nipanue kazi na jamii ipone. Asante

    • Am well interested with the opportunity in poultry ,, ,,,
      Inluding business for the local chicken

  22. Hellow,
    My name is Rashid Sudi from Dodoma-Tanzania.I have bigger innovative project idea on Gas cylinders in which it will conducted it leads to the evolution on Gas cylinders markets and will helps in solving social problem permanently. it’s my hope that you will consult me for further details.

    in regardless RASHID H. SUDI

  23. Habari.
    Naitwa farida omary mkazi chamazi wilaya ya Temeke Mkoa wa Dar es salaam.Mkurima wa mboga mboga nilianza mwenyewe kwa sasa na shirikiana na mabinti wenzangu.kinacho kwamisha ni marighafi ilikukuza biashara na kukuza soko.Naomba nami niwe miongoni watakao chaguliwa.

  24. Habari watanzania mimi wazo langu lakibiashara nikufanya biashara kulingana na uhitaji wa jamii yako. Kwamfano sasahivi mvua ni nyingi uhitaji wa vikingio vya hali ya hewa Kama myamvuli Makoti gunboot rain jacket. Natokea Arusha +255755927292 asante

  25. Hello
    My name is kassimu Malilo Hamis from Dodoma Tanzania.I would like to present my idea concerning the creation of machine which will help small entrepreneurs especially chicken breeders to auto detect some common disease and their early sign on their poultry .This will help local breeders to not suffer from massive loss due to lack of awareness concerning some early sign of some diseases.Its sound realistic because a lot of people in East African countries like Tanzania and Kenya are now enganging in poulty keeping as their source of income.For further details please contact me as soon as possible.

  26. I deal with gold mine industry I have primary mining lances. Pml number 0049 shy.I need air compressor for mines rock drilling and water pump.

  27. najishuhulisha na kilimo lengo langu niwe mkulima mkubwa ambaye nitatoa Ajira Kwa Hanoi inayonizunguka. Na Kuwa nakiwanda cha kutengeneza vyakuka vya lishe

  28. I would like to establish small fishing farm at Dodoma for improvement of community health and myself. Experienced from sokoine university of agriculture

    • Najishughulisha nautengenezaji wa mifuko ya aina ya paper bag. Nahitaji fund niweze kuifanya Kwa kiwango kikubwa pia iwape fursa hata wengine kujikimu kimaisha.

  29. I have a proposal on how to establish a small fishing farm after doing assessment in semi desert area like Dodoma

    • naitwa Rhoda Ernest naiko dodoma.
      najishughuli utengezaji wa mifuko mbadala ya karatas ambapo kwa sku natengeneza mifuko 2000 Hali inayopelekea kupoteza wateja kutokana kuchukua mda mlefu kukamilsha oda kwa kutumia mikono, lakin endapo ntapata machine Nina uwezo wa kuajiliwa vijana wengi zaidi hvyo ntakuwa nmepunguza tatzo la ajira kwa vijana na kuokoa mazingira yetu pia.

      • Ningependa kujifunza namna ya kutengeneza mifuki mbadala hata kwa technology ya Hali ya chini maana eneo nitokalo Ni kinijini Sana watu wanateseka ,je unaweza kunisaidia 0762654410

  30. Naitwa Elias Paul natokea morogoro.nahitaji kuboresha mifugo katika jamii yetu ya masai .tumeanza lakin changamoto ipo kwenye maeneo ya kutosha n.a. mbegu bora ya madume .n.a. pls ngombe wa maziwa kupata mbegu bora yenye kuleta soko kubwa la maziwa kwa nchi nzima naombeni niwe mojawapo wa kupata fursa hii.

  31. Mi Anapenda sana city asili kama vile kuunda vitu ambavyo malighaf yake inatokana Na Africa zaid kama kudesign mitindo ya vitenge, Na pia unajishughulisha Na jutebgenezq bingo vya mboga Na kadhalika km masala Na kadhalika

  32. Ningependa kujifunza namna ya kutengeneza mifuki mbadala hata kwa technology ya Hali ya chini maana eneo nitokalo Ni kinijini Sana watu wanateseka ,je unaweza kunisaidia 0762654410

  33. Thanks for the sharing the great opportunities among the entrepreneurs let me work on it to rise up my personal and society income as my great desire ever since.

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