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The National Council for Technical Education (NACTE) was established by Act of Parliament Cap. 129 to oversee and coordinate the provision of technical education and training in Tanzania. Technical education and training in this context is defined as:

Education and training undertaken by students to equip them to play roles requiring higher levels of skills, knowledge, understanding and attitudes/ethics and in which they take responsibility for their areas of specialization.”

  • Administration, Business, Law, Planning, Social Work, Community Development, Tourism and related Programmes
  • Agriculture, Livestock, Engineering, ICT, Computer Science and other related Sciences Programmes
  • Health and allied sciences (including community health, health records etc) programmes
  • For Teachers -You will be UPDATED LATER

This scope of NACTE covers all tertiary education and training institutions other than universities and their affiliated colleges, delivering courses at technician, semiprofessional and professional levels leading to awards of certificates, diplomas degrees and other related awards.

For applicants who are applying for Technician Certificate, Ordinary Diploma or Advanced Diploma should read the guidebook. Download PDF on the button to view the guidebook

Here is the list of compiled Nacte Guide books for all programmes, Follow the instructions to download the documents


  1. nauliza et foundation ipo au naomb ushauri nina D tatu nitaruhusiwa kusom chuo cha serikali au

  2. VP km mtu alichaguliwa chuo cha private karo ikazngua akiwa 1st year semistr ya pili.akagaili atume gvnment vigezo anavyo ana div one 4m4 he atachaguliwa au watamuzuia kuwa yuko chuoni jb tfdhr

  3. ntk health allied science naomb kujua namna ga kuapply mwaka huu2018/2019

  4. samahan naomba kuuliza kwa mtu ambaye ana division three halafu ana D chemistry D physics halafu C ya biology form four je anaweza ku apply afya na kama inawezekana aweza kusomea kozi gani ?

    1. Ongeza D 2 ya language na math,, utasoma M-LAB NA CLINICAL OFFICER

        1. Sijaelewa nahisii naombeni mnieleweshe
          Chemistry D
          Biology C
          Physics C
          Mathematics D

        2. Samahani naomb kuulza Nina
          Biology cm,
          Phy d,
          Chemistry d,
          Language d,
          Kiswahil c,
          Geography d,
          Civic d,
          History d,
          Mathatics f
          Je naweza kusomea koz gan za afya

  5. Matokeo yngu ni
    Biology c
    Chemisrty c
    Physics c
    geogerapy c
    english c
    Math f
    Civics c
    Kiswahili c
    Arabic c
    naweza kusomea Clinical office

  6. Mimi nilikuwa naomba muongozo wa kupata result transcipt nimemaliza 2018 clinical oficer

  7. samahani nimemaliza clinical oficer 2017 sio 2018 nitapataje result transcipt.

    1. Tembelea website ya nacte kisha utaingia kipengele kinachosema “Request academic transcript”

  8. Nina certificate nursing nataka kuendelea yaan upgrade nina
    D chemistry
    B biology
    B nutrition
    C English and
    D math
    Naweza kuomba na kusoma level nyingine?

  9. Samahani Nina hitaji kufahamu jinsi ya kujiunga na chuo ili ni upgrede in nursing je nifanyaje nijiunge na chuo cha mirembe college of nurse

  10. Samahan Nina C chem, D bios,D Physics, C math na D English, je? naweza aply coz ya advanced diploma au clinical officer.

  11. Matokeo ya form 4
    English c
    Civics D
    History D
    geography D
    kiswahili D
    Mathematics F
    Swali je naweza kusoma diploma ya youth program moja kwa moja bila certificate

  12. Mm chemistry nina c biology c phy D language c math F ,je Nina weza kuapply clinical officer au nursing

  13. Naomba kujua, tunatumaje maombi Katka chuo husika? Au ni kwenda moja kwa moja ktk chuo husika na kuchukua form ? Au tunatuma kupitia online? Naombeni ufafanuzi jaman

    1. Naomba kujua naweza kusoma koz za afya zip Nina bios D EnglishC kiswa C chem D geography D phy F math F civ F Host F

  14. Mm nimemaliza form 4. 2012
    Bios c
    Chem c
    Physics c
    English c
    Math c

    Advance nimemaliza 2015
    Bios c
    Chem B
    Geog B
    Applied math d
    Naweza omba chuo cha serikali diplôma in clinical officer

  15. Naomba kuuliza mtu aliye maliza diploma miaka ya nyuma ana fanya application ya degree TCU Au NACTE?

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  17. Samahani naomba kuuliza mm nimemaliza form four 2014 na credit zangu hizi hapa
    MATH C
    BIOL C
    CHEM C
    GEOG C

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