Better Together Challenge 2019 for young Changemakers & Social Innovators (Fully Funded to South Korea)

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Better Together Challenge 2019 is a 3-day global gathering that brings together social innovators, changemakers and idealists in action from around the world for an inspiring exchange of ideas and celebration of being #BetterTogether. ​

The Better Together Challenge Global Stage, the highlight of the event, provides an open and live stage where a vast array of projects and creative solutions for social issues are shared in a unique contest format.


  • Do you have your own original project/activity/work to solve social problems and make changes and make the world a better place for all? or
  • Have you developed a detailed idea to solve a social problem and make the world a better place for all?
  • Are you eager to meet, mingle and make friends with fellow practitioners from different parts of the world?

  • Are you open to new ideas and different opinions?
  • Are you able to travel to PyeongChang, Korea?​​
  • There are no age restrictions
  • All fields of work/project/expertise are eligible for participation



Challengers have 5 minutes to present their projects stories and case studies on the given themes. The presentations receiving the most votes from fellow changemakers and jury members win prizes ($5,000 first prize, with a total prize fund over $25,000). Winners will be awarded at the Awards Ceremony the following day.

For More Information and Application

CLICK HERE TO>>>>Visit the Official Webpage of the Better Together Challenge 2019

Application Deadline: August 16th 2019

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