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Application Cycle 2021 – 2022 Now Open

The Public Affairs Section of the United States Embassy in Dar es Salaam is seeking qualified candidates for the Fulbright Foreign Student  Program. Online applications are now available starting December 27, 2019. Deadline for submitting applications will be no later than May 30, 2020.  Only successful candidates will be called for interviews scheduled for mid-June 2020.

The Fulbright Foreign Student Program is the largest Fulbright program with Africa and provides financial assistance for a maximum of two years of study toward a graduate degree in a U.S. university or for participation in a non-degree research or nonacademic professional program. It is designed primarily to strengthen African universities through higher degree training for faculty members. Applications are also accepted from prospective candidates in public and private educational and cultural institutions, independent research institutes, and professional institutions.




Applications must be submitted using the Embark Visiting Scholar system, accessible at submission deadline for applications is May 30, 2020. For more information, please email [email protected].

The Fulbright Foreign Student Program is open to any qualified candidate but strongly encourages the inclusion of female candidates and prefers candidates who have not had extensive recent experience in the United States. Recent (within three years) recipients of Fulbright grants are not eligible to apply, and it should be emphasized that funding is for a maximum period of two years only. It is important to note that doctoral degree candidates will typically need to secure additional funding to complete their course of study and we now prioritize the selection of Fulbright Master’s candidates over Ph.D. candidates.

U.S. Embassy encourages candidates with disabilities to apply as special accommodations are available.   The U.S. Government has provided previous grantees with a screen reader and note taking software, laptops, cell phones, canes, and/or wheelchairs to assist them while on their grant in the U.S.

Eligibility Requirements

  1. Applicants must be citizens of Tanzania or permanent residents qualified to hold a valid passport issued by Tanzania.
  2. Applicants must have a record of outstanding academic achievement and preparation in their chosen field of study. They must show high motivation and serious commitment to completing the program and to returning home.
  3. Applicant must have at least the equivalent of four (4) years of university study or the equivalent of a U.S. bachelor’s degree. Candidates that have three (3) years of tertiary study should have the equivalent of thirteen (13) years of primary and secondary school and their undergraduate degree should allow them to be eligible to pursue higher education in Tanzanian universities.
  4. Applicants who wish to pursue study in a field other than their current field of study must demonstrate adequate background in that field.
  5. Applicant must meet the minimum scores on required standardized tests.
  6. Applicants must be affiliated with or committed to working at an academic institution or public or private institutions in Tanzania upon return, and should have the endorsement of their home institution.
  7. Applicants should have a high motivation and a serious commitment to completing the program as scheduled and to returning home.
  8. Applicants with no extensive or recent U.S. experience will be given preference.
  9. Applicants must have a bachelor degree obtained before May 30, 2018, as well as at least two years professional experience relevant to their prospective field of study.
  10. Applicants must have a sufficiently high level of English proficiency to enable them to complete a full-time program of graduate study in the United States.
  11. No applicant may receive more than one Fulbright Student grant, including Humphrey Scholar alumni. This does not apply to the Foreign Language Teaching Assistant (FLTA) Program alumni.
  12. Employees staff (LES) employed by the State Department/United States Agency for International Development (USAID) are ineligible for grants during the period of their employment and for one year following the termination of employment.

In Tanzania, the Fulbright Foreign Student Program is administered by the U.S. Embassy’s Public Affairs Section, which nominates candidates to the Fulbright Scholarship Board in Washington, DC. The Fulbright Scholarship Board makes the final selection of candidates. In order for the Embassy to complete the nomination process before the deadline date for submission, we urge aspiring candidates to submit their applications by May 30, 2020; applications received after this date will not be considered.


Fulbright funding is for a maximum of TWO years of funding in a master’s degree or doctoral program. Students accepted to degree programs less than two years are eligible to only receive funding through the designated period of degree completion – as stipulated by the host institution. Master’s applicants are given placement priority.  Ph.D. candidates who secure funding from outside sources will remain under Fulbright visa sponsorship rather than have sponsorship transferred to the host institution. Ph.D. candidates unable to secure funding for the additional years will return home without completing their degree.

All application forms must be prepared electronically, on-line application is preferred: hand-written applications will not be accepted. Candidates must submit completed application forms, academic transcripts, and three confidential letters of reference online. Please note that only those short-listed for final consideration will be called for a panel interview. Only finalists will be required to submit their medical history, supplemental forms, complete standardized English, and Graduate Record Exam tests.

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  1. Thanks for this opportunity for Tanzanian but am not qualified to join this but I asking for another chance next year because now am no complete my bachelor degree,I will complete on July 2020.i asking for volunteers in US embassy.

  2. I would like to give special thanks for this opportunity to Tanzania’s. I think this will be a urge step not only for building positive relationships to our nations but also its help us to receive what we don’t have and bring back home. Fellow students let do this.. 💪🏾

  3. I would like to give special thanks for this opportunity to Tanzanian. I think not only will build positive relationship between our nations but also it’s help Tanzanian to receive, achieve and bring back home knowledge.. dear fellow let do this 💪🏾.

    1. How about those diploma level we want to continue so as we can reach to degree level but the problem is sponsor they devour master and PhD only so it is better if you we look for diploma level

  4. Thank you so much for giving us this opportunity of studying in US including full funded scholarship,let us bring our application form in order to have this chance.I wish all the best my fellow Applicants

  5. This is good. I am looking foward to make an application for this scholarship programme this year. Thanks US Embassy & Public Affairs section for your support.

    1. This is a good chance for we Tanzanian to use, wishing the best for all applicants.

    1. Thank you so much for this opportunity, i will look forward to send my application, but please, I request the us embassy to give the priority also to phd takers, in order to secure their completion of their studies.

  6. This is merverous. Thank you for this golden chance for us. Let me put together my application documents for submission before deadline.

  7. can I be sponsored to study indoor? please help me that, I’m a teacher with first degree since 2012 teaching chemistry and Biology in secondary and I need to pursue masters degree in Chemistry.

  8. This is a good chance for we Tanzanian to use, wishing the best for all applicants.

  9. Thanks a lot for giving us opportunity for further studies in USA.I am third year PhD student at open university dar es salaam. Is there opportunity to assist sponership so as to finalize my study using this grant.If posibble how am I going to get the fund

  10. I see that the thing that I’d been waiting for years now has come to my attention!
    I’m on my application process to soon join my MA. 2021
    May I kindly thank the US embassy in collaboration to the Tanzanian International affairs ministry, well done, we are highly helped this way, especially to us who had a bigger dream of going higher but lacked financial support, Danke sierh dear responsibles!
    It’s my call upon my fellow Tanzanians to apply and go to bring a breed for the healthy growth of our national development coz I believe, there must be one or two!

    Asante Sana.🙏

  11. Woòòw….honestly am so thankful from un to us Tanzanians…..hope we will use the chance effectively…..

  12. Appreciated a lot, Education first, Tanzania to the World,Development in process🙏

  13. Appreciated a lot, Tanzania to the World, Development in process, Thinking Big

  14. Sometimes, big life opportunity like these are dominated by biasiness during the nomination process.Where by Family and working relationships sometimes matters over big talents and focus of great applicants. May God guide you to make fair nomination. Those with qualifications let try out our luck.

  15. Thank u for giving this opportunity in Tanzania, im expect good to the selection and interview and many Tanzanian may get this chance to US to make their proffesional excellence which at the end may accelarate the development of our country

  16. Hello embassy I’m asking how to apply for the scholarship in USA in case of science subjects like physics and chemistry if i will be applicable to the State(USA)

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