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Unistoretz media group, is the Tanzania evolving education and Business group in which deals with spread of knowledge and information to the people, empower university students in terms of opportunities and connections, creating awareness to the people about profile and services of companies, organizations and associations. The group is founded by Galus Focus Tarimo(UDSM, medical student) on March 2017 and started to work with the projects around May 2017.

Unistoretz(House of knowledge and connections) is the platform in which provide studying and safe store site of university class lecture notes, books, past papers, articles, tutorial videos, information, news and connections of different organizations or associations to university students and other educators . The website contain different universities with their respective colleges or schools and different organizations or companies, this will give easy connection and sharing of knowledge as learning site by giving students accessibility of online studying materials and information. This platform is founded by Galus Focus Tarimo(UDSM, Medical student) around March 2017 and started/will start to work around June of 2017.
We are Tanzanian’s one of the evolving education driven platform. We are Constantly Striving every second to make the learning experience of the students worthwhile and pushing our limits to provide with anything and everything that will help them attains excellence by making better choices for their educational needs.

Our mission statement is “Diffusion of Knowledge and connections”. Our mission is to enable students, educators and other organizations or companies to interact among them and to empower young entrepreneurs. We provide a site of quality studying materials from different university and connect university students to different organizations and enable young entrepreneurs to advertise and sell their products.

Our vision is to become the best site that will satisfy all university students to be access with all university studying materials, information, news and connections of different organizations or companies to university students and to empower young entrepreneurs and all people in advertising and selling of their products.

1.To enable students to be access with studying materials like class lecture notes, books, past papers and many more.
2.To empower researchers and access them to publish their papers (free publish site), and other educators can access and use them in positive ways.
3.To create opportunities for universities students by connecting them to other companies and organizations for internship, experiencing and employment opportunities.
4.To empower young entrepreneurs in digital marketing system in term of advertising , sell and buy products
5.To provide a site for sponsors and connect them to university students and other people.
6.To share news and information to different universities and in society.
7.To create movements for connections between university students and big companies including events, tours and many more.

1.We provide a site for official class lecture notes, past papers, books, articles, seminars, assignments, video tutorials and other studying materials from different universities.(all materials will be updated from time to time)

online class notes

2.We provide official site for announcements from different universities with respect to their colleges or school from their administrators

unistore announcement
university announcements

3.We provide a site in which university students can share studying materials

unistore tanzania

4.We provide a FREE site for the research articles and publications


5.We provide a connections of university students to the different organizations or companies including universities associations and non-universities associations

jobs connections

6.We provide a site for Information(to University students) and advertisements , sponsors, and Direct advertisement(people can ADVERTISE with us)

unistore adverts

7.We provide a site for news sharing called university magazine, which we will share news from different universities and in our community(everyday news updates).

8.Discussion Forums. A place where students from different universities can meet and share ideas in one Class

university discussion forum
online university discussion

Students and people who already in system (employees) have been facing the difficulties in accessing different materials that could help them in the study and material support for knowledge over their career. Also small and big entrepreneurs fail to reach the targeted customers and objectives on time at a deliverable place. Unistoretz has come up with new way and strategies of doing things better for the betterment of an individual and the organization at large through increase of awareness, remind and information provision of different issue.
Companies will have to sign the agreement with Unistoretz where some procedures will take place. Students and other users(employees) of the website will be require to log in with their emails so that to be able to access the business. The user is not limited he or she is able to get different materials from different university (from UDSM, UDOM, TIA etc.) and other sources from the website as it is planned.

Targeted groups ( Unistore TANZANIA and worldwide)
-University students, lectures, staffs, educators, employees and other
-Companies, organizations, associations, authorized groups and other private organizations
-Entrepreneurs , business man, marketing groups, employees, social workers and other advertisers
-Researchers, journalist, Scientists, physicians, technicians, sports man, talented people and other
-Private and Public workers

Companies and organization that are mainly targeted such as university students, entrepreneurs, other website users, companies and employees. All these are targeted and each one are planned to be saved effectively as its planned by Unistoretz house of knowledge. This will include article writing competition, newspaper for information and recent issues in and out country.

The assignment is expected to be conducted within 90 days from (1st July 2017), where the website that is Unistoretz is in a process, soon to be accomplished which will actually be providing some services while other service being on process. After 90 days all the services as it planned over the website expected to be accomplished (full service).


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