40 Drivers Jobs Opportunities at Primefuels Tanzania Ltd


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Drivers jobs Opportunities

About Primefuels
“Integrated Supply Chainin Motion”Established under the leadership of Asif Abdulla, Primefuels is recognised as a trustworthy and professional logistics supplier provider of bulk liquid, dry cargo and petroleum supply, to various markets in the East Africa region. Although there are numerous players in the oil industry, Primefuels is unique because we enjoy the distinction of being the only company in the region which has significant footprint together with major assets and skilled expertise for both road and rail routes.

We began our endeavour with a modest quantity of 6 International Maritime Organization (IMO) tanks in the Kenyan territory. In the year 2001, Primefuels expanded services in Tanzania. Since then, the company has come a long way. Presently, we have a large fleet of 340 trucks and trailers in addition to 250 IMO and LPG tanks. And this fleet is capably managed by our strong team of professionals.

From central hubs in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania and Mombasa, Kenya Primefuels has concentrated on the development of four (4) trans-national supply and distribution channels in the East/Central Africa region:1. Dar es Salaam (Tanzania) -> Lake Victoria –> Uganda -> Rwanda/DR Congo2. Dar es Salaam -> Zambia –> DR Congo -> Malawi3. Mombasa (Kenya) -> Kampala –> Rwanda –> Eastern DR Congo and South Sudan4. Beira (Mozambique) -> Zambia –> Zimbabwe -> DR


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  1. Provide more job opportunity to decrease poverty and thief of the young educated who stayed at home with nothing to do

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