35 Government Jobs Vacancies at Ofisi ya Rais Utumishi Zanzibar

Nafasi za kazi Zanzibar

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Government Jobs Vacancies at Zanzibar

The Office of the President – Public Service and Good Governance is created after the general elections held on March 20, 2016 and is responsible for addressing two main sectors: Public Service and Good Governance.
In the case of Public Service, there are six institutions of the Public Service Commission, Public Service Commission, Department of Information and Technology (Government Network), Human Resources Department, Organizational Structures, Human Resources and Human Resources. and the Public Administration College.


In the case of good governance, it includes four institutions, the Department of Good Governance, Corruption Authority and Economic Disaster in Zanzibar, the Ethics Leadership Commission and the Office of the Controller and Auditor General.
These two sectors are linked to the following departments: Human Resources, Department of Planning, Policy and Research as well as Central Pemba Office.

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